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Powerful Vashikaran mantra

Vashikaran is such a Tantric action by which anyone can be hypnotized. Many things can be used in this verse. For example - someone's name, photo, that person's hair, clothes worn by that person etc. The simplest of them is the vashikaran by name, that is, some special actions are done by typing that name, so that the person starts doing your favorable behavior. If you want to take control of your name, then advise us and know how to get married.

How to get married by name

In this method, the name of the target person is written on paper, bhoj sabha or any object and some mantras are pronounced in a certain number. There are many tricks in which there are a need for special reactions with just writing the name. There is no need to utter a mantra in it. Below are some tricks / measures of both types -

Measures of exclusion by name

If you are very troubled by an enemy, then when you go to the toilet, write the name of the enemy with the water of the same water and crush it with the feet before leaving. In order to subdue the dog, write his name on the foodstuff and immerse it in the bottle of honey and cover the lid Turn off He will become friend This action can also be used to subdue the boyfriend / girlfriend. After placing a name on the bhoj papers, after drunking in a bottle of honey, take the name of Shri Krishna every day and shake it with your right hand. He'll be in your control.

Sometimes family life becomes hell due to the fierce nature or the husbands who suffer from lust. If such people fall in love with a woman, then it is impossible to return them. To deal with such problem, on the Bhoj papers or papers- Namah, etc., Purusha Amuk Vasishi Kuru Kuru Swaha. This mantra was written by the finger of the finger and finger of the finger. Put the husband's name in place of such a place and dip it in honey and keep it with you. After that, chanting the said mantra is also 108 times. If a mother-in-law is very aggressive in a family, the life of the daughter-in-law becomes annoying. To subdue the mother-in-law, take a piece of cloth worn by her and write down her name on red inc with her and keep it hidden for seven days. After seven days, press the piece of cloth somewhere in the ground.

The name of spellings by the name

In this method some special mantras are also used along with the target person's name. The details of such a few major uses are as follows - Use of this Vashikaran Mantra is good for lovers / lovers. If the relationship has worsened, if the break up has arrived, then chant the 551 rosary of the mantra given by the following legislation -

Name Asking Method-

First, gather some material, such as seven leaf leaves, vermilion, water. Now read the following mantra following continuous Sato Pan leaves for the next seven days starting from Friday-

Om Kalyim Krishna Namah

Combine some water in the vermilion next Saturday ie Saturday. Write the name of the one who is rescued on a leaf again. Now let the leaves of the leaves be 21 times above your head and throw them away somewhere in the deserted place After that go to meet him.

On Saturday, go to the Kali temple and take a look at the Goddess from retirement. Place posture on a deserted place in the pre-selected place. Put two lemons, one emerald paper and vermilion together. Write your name on a lemon and write the name of the person targeted at the other lemon. Then write the name of that person 251 times with the green ink on the page of the paper. Now wrap the two lemons in the said paper and chant the following mantra 251 times-

Ghanani no mind warns goddess Bhagwati Violence Gruha Balada Kushy Mohay Mahamaya Purakasti ||

After the end of the mantra chant, remove lemons from the paper. Cut the name of the target person on the name of the lemon and drink the juice of water and drink it. Keep repeating this mantra again and again for the next eleven days. Use this method to subdue enemies.

Although it seems impossible, method of grouping is also available in mechanism. Through this, more than one person can be subdivided once. Although the probability of success is certainly low. Take as many betel nuts as possible to subdue the people. In the second stage, write the names of all those people on a paper page. In the third phase wrap the paper and the beetle in black cloth and chant the following mantra 121 times -

Om Namo Narayanya All Lokan Mama Vaishya Kuru Kuru Swaha.

After the mantra chant, whenever the first Amavasya came, burn the supermarket wrapped in black cloth and papers on their back 11 times and burns them in a graveyard.

This method is only for women. If a husband or boyfriend falls in love with another woman, then through this method, he can be freed from the trap of a woman in a losing position.

In the first step, follow the five spellings of the following mantra 551 times -

Hari Om Hooram Pisachini (Name of the Targeted Person) Mum Vashani Bhavanti ||

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